Thursday, June 25, 2015

Carpet Remants Los Angeles Designers Trust

Carpet Remnants Store Los Angeles

If you're looking to spice up a small space in your house or redecorate from the floor up, new carpet will be the anchor to your decor ideas. Good news is that I've discovered you don't have to break the bank. You should seriously consider incorporating carpet remnants into your design plans. Carpet remnants is the carpet left over from an installation. On pretty much all the carpet installations that take place there is always carpet left over. If the pieces at too small to be of use then they are discarded into the trash. Many times the remaining carpet is large enough to be used. These pieces are sold at a discount. They are called carpet remnants. They come from the same manufacturers that you would normally see in a carpet store.
A great source for carpet remnants in Los Angeles is Carpet Remnants Los Angeles.

They are a division of Crenshaw Carpet Center. They are one the oldest family owned carpet stores in Los Angeles. Over 100 years to be exact and over 85 years in the same location. With all those years in the flooring industry they've made a few friends and get carpet at rates that other stores can't compete with.

They handle several installations daily in both residential and commercial buildings. This is a plus for you because they constantly received new carpet remnants daily. Because they serve a wide range of clients the carpet selection and discounts vary. They even supply carpet for many of the film and television studios and top hotels.

So hands down they are your best resource for finding new carpet to spruce up your decor for cheap.